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About the Site....

(originally written March 1999)

About two and a half years ago, in 1996, I spent a long Saturday afternoon searching the Internet for information on my musical hero, Chet Atkins.

As a fan of Chet's since high school in the early seventies I was sure that by 1996 Chet must have accumulated a large presence on the web. After all, he wasn't just a "country artist" anymore; he had crossed into the mainstream by recording with the likes of jazzy George Benson and Dire Straits' lead man Mark Knopfler. He'd won Grammys and CMA awards by the score.

I searched for Chet all afternoon, and I was very, very disappointed.

All I found were a few "corporate" sites that had been put up by the record companies, guitar manufacturers, and his former management company. There was practically nothing from his large body of admiring fans which as we all know, spans the globe..

What I wanted to see was a website built for those of us who have a common interest in Chet - a deep love and respect for this humble musical genius from East Tennessee.

My fantasy site would have lots of pictures of Chet, information on his albums, including the song names and pictures of the album covers. It would also include quotes from other great guitarists like Paul Yandell, Buster B. Jones, Thom Bresh, Guy Van Duser, Jerry Reed and Tommy Emmanuel.

And I wanted a place to meet other fans, trade stories and learn Chet's tunes on my guitar. That's right! - I wanted the impossible - a place that could help folks play like Chet!

It's been two and a half years since my initial idea, and I'm happy to say that since that Saturday in '96 a few really good Chet Atkins fan sites have come onto the web thanks to the efforts of folks like Jim Floyd, Larry Kuhns, Dan Bishop, Michael Griffins and Dave Baer. These folks have done a great job and I'll strive not to duplicate their work here.

I've spent countless hours putting together this site - Misterguitar.com

Remember, this site is built for you the Chet Atkins fan, and it thrives only with your viewership, support and participation.

Please send your thoughts, quotes, experiences, and photos. Anything you have that relates to Chet is welcome here. If we use your material, we will of course give you full credit.

Hope you enjoy the website. Remember, as Lenny Breau once said:

There's only one Chet!

Tom Redmond
March 14, 1999  

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