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Happy Birthday Mr. Guitar! - June 20th

Some Birthday Greetings From Your Fans...


Your music has truly showed me what kind of guitar player I want to be. You are truly The Master. As I practice I keep in mind that when the work is done maybe I will sound a little more like you. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and genius. When I heard my first recording of yours the world just shook. I thought so this is how it is played. There is no other like you. I know bigger and more famous folks have said it better but I just could not let this chance go by without telling you how much of an inspiration ( and frustration at times) you have been. I wish only the best for you and look forward to finding yet another Chet song to try to learn and pass on.

Your devoted fan,
Rob Eckler

Sorry I had to be reminded of your birthday. How could I forget the greatest brother in-law in the world. So a late Happy Birthday.

Love you,

Hello dear Chet

>From my little chalet in the Alps I wish you a Happy Birthday for your 75th anniversary. Thank you to exist.
From Switzerland with love

Roland Fessler

To Mr. Chet B. Atkins, a beautiful musician and person:

It has been my privelege and honor to perform on stage with many superbly talented and accomplished players at the CAAS Festival for three years and I'm very happy to be allowed this year to show my respect and love for the guitar style perfected by yourself and all the guys you influenced and heard throughout your great career in music, which has left such an indelible design on this century. Thanks for enriching the world with your spirit and work and filling our hearts with the passionate quest for artistry of the purest order which defines a Chet Atkins recording.

Happy Birthday Chet,

John Nichols

I'm from Portugal and I love Chet Atkins music but they are not much recird's or cd's
Me and my family wishe to see and heard Chet at Portugal
My son (6 years) are a fan of Chet!!!
Thanks for your music, your songs

I'm sorry for my english

(not signed)

Dear Chet,

Happy birthday, and for many more birthdays to come. You have been like a dad to me, musically speaking, for more than 30 years. Now I'm 47. Ever since I saw you in Njaardhallen in Oslo -64 I've been gnawing on my fingernails,trying to play like you. And I'm getting pretty good at it too. Thanks to you I'm straight and honest, 'cause I believe what you said; playing the guitar will keep you out of trouble. This may be a good oportunity to thank Mr. Claes Neeb ( you know him) for his help every time I've got stuck, and for giving up that beautiful Gibson Country Gentleman. My old Gretsch is retired. Best wishes to you Chet. You will allways be my hero!

from Norway

Dear Chet,

I wish you an happy birthday ! God bless you ! Everyday I listen and play your music... You are the best forever !

Best regards

Bourg-en-Bresse - FRANCE -

Have a good day and remember, "Silence may not be the best defense, But it is certainly the most annoying" All the best.

best wishes from Scotland,

Arthur Rodman and Bruce Mathiske

Dear Chet,

Hope this Happy Birthday greeting finds you doing well. Looking forward to seeing you at the CAAS convention. Get your guitar tuned up! Happy 75th and many more. You're #1!

Vance Riester (#1 Frankfort fan!)

Happy Birthday to Chet Atkins from Rick Wells in Jakarta, Indonesia. You brighten my days very often and I appreciate it. This is a moslem country, with a mosque on nearly every corner. Every mosque has a set of loudspeakers on the roof - big ones - pointed in all directions. Five times a day there is wailing from these speakers - I mean really wailing and chanting - not really talking and certainly not anything musical. Like ululating. It starts ar 4:10 AM and the last one is around 8 PM. The only way to cope is to close the windows and turn up the stereo. It really helps to have one of your CDs playing.

Hope you have a good year, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

Best regards,

Rick Wells

Happy Birthday Chet......from the 116 members of the Chet Atkins Fans Club on Yahoo!!

Dave Baer

Mr Atkins, as Ralph used to say to Alice, "you're the greatest" Hope to see you at the C.A.A.S. convention. Have a very happy birthday.

Your greatest fans

Glenn & Carole Portwood
Macon Georgia

Happy Birthday Chet!

Your wonderful pickin' turned me on to the guitar some 45 years ago and I've been at it ever since. I hope this birthday finds your health improving and that we'll all be seeing you with a guitar in your hands again real soon. You've given the world a precious gift and I, like so many others, treasure it more than I can possibly say.

Hugh Bowden
Ellsworth, Maine

Happy birthday to you Chet, and God bless you during many and many years ! Every day, taking my guitar before playing, your name comes instantly to my mind !

Guy Vibet

Here's wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many more, Chet! Your contributions to the world's appreciation of the guitar as a serious instrument are extraordinary; right up alongside Segovia. Thank you!

Stephen Bennett

Happy Birthday Chet !
Waiting for more of your music to come.

Best regards,
Goran Lindell

I remember the story you told in your book, Country Gentleman about when you were a young boy and went to town and saw the blind man on the street corner playing the guitar. You told your mom, "I wish I was blind so I could pick the guitar." That to me shows the depth of how very much you love the guitar. You've earned your title "Mr. Guitar" and the world applauds you. Now on your 75th birthday, I add my best wishes to your list of admirers.

Pat Travis Eatherly

Happy birthday Chet. Hope to see you at the upcoming CAAS convention.

Tripp Castleberry
73, W4AJ

Dear Mr. Atkins,

I wish you a happy 75th, here from Contrecoeur, Québec, Canada. Hope you are well, and that you learn a "new lick" on your 75th!!!

Je vous souhaîte la bonne santé ( I wish you the best of health )

Ronald Cid

Happy Birthday and God bless you!
I have been a fan of yours since 1956!

Jose Carballo
San Jose, Costa Rica
Central America

I Love You Chester B.! Happy Birthday!

Thom Bresh

Thanks for making me love the guitar.

Bob Snyder
Albany, Ga.

Happy Birthday Chet, and may there be ten thousand more birthdays to come...

By that time, I might have thoses damn chimes mastered... then it will only take another 1000 years to learn one more of your other millions licks.

I hope to CYA at the Convention in July

billy bo bob D.R. Auten {â ¿ â}

Happy 75'th chet. I've collected your music since the 60's and have always admired your overwhelming talent and sheer good taste. I will always remember you signing my Gretsch Tennessean for me on a visit to the CAAS in London where you most graciously spent time answering our questions and playing for us. May you continue in good health for many years - the world needs people like you.

Keith Bateman
Highworth, U.K.

Mr. Chet Atkins,

I could not even begin to say enough about what your Guitar playing has meant to the world! Your talent has been an inspiration to all guitar players and your arrangements are always full of pleasant and easy listening surprises. If you could play for another 75 years, I'm sure we would all promise to listen.

Bob Parks
Willis, Texas

Dear Chet,

I wish you a very happy Birthday! Wellness and Luckyness all the further time. Thank you for all the beautiful guitar music you give to the world.

Michael Hohdorf,
President of the Atkins-Dadi Guitar Players Association Germany

Hi Chet! Happy Birthday!! I will never be able to play guitar like you, but that's okay. You helped to make possible my humble (but rewarding) life as a musician. To my strict immigrant parents, you made it seem respectable for me to pursue a career as a professional guitarist. I was just a little kid at the time, but I knew that's what I wanted to do. It would have never even been a possibility if my mom and dad hadn't seen you play. It happened thousands of miles away, and of course you never knew ... but then, we never really know how we touch the lives of those around us. In the course of your life you have filled this world with beauty. Thank you. Happy birthday Chet!

Michael Gulezian


Have a great birthday! Keep pickin and inspiring.

Jeff Carter
Lexington, KY

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Chet. I have been a fan for 45 years. I am also a fan of yours on 20 meters. I enjoy hearing you, Gary and the gang. 73's Chet and enjoy your day.

73 de Pat K6PM

Happy birthday Mr. Atkins. Thank you for all the years you have given us the gift of your talent and the music it birth'd


Bonnie Chandler
Portland, Maine


Happy 75th and God bless you!

Craig Dobbins


Happy Birthday!

I'm looking forward to your having many more.

>From a fan for 50 years.

Sherman H. Neal


I received the Finger Style Guitar album for my 13th birthday and recently bought The Day Finger Pickers Took Over The World. And I've got almost everything in between. Hope to see another new one soon.

Happy Birthday,

Bill Howell
Newton, NJ

Happy Birthday Chet!!!

Hope you have many more in good health.
Thanks for all the many years of great music!!! You are my Number One Hero!!!

Rod Robin



Dear Chet,

Happy Birthday from your French family. Robert and Danielle are in Bordeaux, Corinne and Agnes in Noumea (New Caledonia). But so far, we always think of you and we always enjoy your wonderful music. We love you. God bless you.

R. Nephtali

Happy Birthday Chet,

Thanks for the great music and your hard work learning it for us. I hope you're feeling fine and have many more happy birthdays.

Carl Kannianen

Dear Mr. Atkins,

Your B-days will always remind me because you are a birth of such wonderful style of music. How you influence and inspire me will linger forever. You are much as love too, in the Philippines where I came from.

With all my respect,
Richard Alcoy
Cerritos, California

Thanks for being a great teacher - on more than the guitar!!

Keep those goosebumps coming.

Kevin Reville


I want to wish you a very happy birthday and look forward to hearing you play for a long time to come. I really think you are the finest guitarist that ever set foot on this earth. And I think you'll be the best in Heaven too! Have a great day.

With a great deal of admiration,
Ric Weide

Hi Chet: My Email screen name is GuitarNut and you are one of the persons responsible for me to become a guitarnut. Happy birthday. May God bless you.



I`ve been a fan of yours for 42 years. Have a wonderful birthday and God Bless You! I`m praying that your health will improve and you will make some new CD~s or videos.

Jerome C. Goditus
Montoursville, PA
P.S. Happy Fathers day

My first memory of Chet Atkins is seeing him on television playing "Yankee Doodle Dixie." I've been a fan ever since. I wish I hadn't worn out the LPs I listened to in the fifties with Chet playing songs like "Meet Mr. Callahan", "Django's Castle", "Boo Boo Stick Beat" and others. Though I like the later CDs, I wish I had more LPs left than my "Chet Atkins Goes to the Movies" and "Chester and Lester".

Happy Birthday, Chet. May you have many more.

Bob Shields

Have a very happy birthday Chet.

73, Richard (WA9OUE)

Chet, I wanted to wish you a very happy and healthy birthday. Keep on pickin'. Love your music.

Frank Hansen

Happy Birthday Mr. Guitar !!!
I wish you many new albums and take care !!!

Best regards from Russia, Moscow.

Andrei Bitoulev

Dear Chet, have a very happy birthday, I wish you all the best. From a devoted fan who has been inspired.

Michael Watson




Sang "Happy Birthday" along with the crowd when you played in Roscommon, Michigan a few years ago. Glad to get to join the crowd again wishing you the best.

Bob Greenwood
Kalkaska, Michigan.

Warmest birthday greetings from Bristol, England, Chet! We met the day before your concert here in July 1994. Would love to meet you again perhaps in Nashville this time:-) Been a fan since I heard the 'Down Home' album at the age of nine

Andy Newman

Chet, let me be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday. The birthday of my love for guitar was the day I discovered the "Finest Duo in Music": Chet Atkins.

Best Regards,
Richard Glick


Happy 75th Birthday from a fan near the Great Smoky Mts. in NC where we used to hear you on Lowell Blanchard's Midday Merry Go 'Round on WNOX radio Knoxville, TN. The first time I saw you on TV was Red Foley's Ozark Jubilee ,and the first recording of you I bought was a 45 RPM of Wildwood Flower / Simple Simon...and I still have it ! Thanks for the music and the fingerstyle technique !

Ronnie Evans
Franklin, NC

Chet, Happy Birthday! Your music has provided me untolled hours of pleasure for the past 40 years. Thanks very much. (Now if I could only lay my right thumb in there like you do I'd think I'd accomplished something!)

Best wishes,
Ron Denham

Happy birthday Mr. Atkins. I am praying for you.

David Simmons

Hello and Happy Birthday Chet from OKC, OK. Here's wishing you the best. I'll be coming to the CAAS convention next month for the first time. I hope I have the opportunity to meet you. Thanks for the wonderful music!

Jimmy Goode

Dear Chet,

I wish you a very Happy Birthday...you're the greatest!

Wayne Wesley Johnson


You have inspired so many of us to pick up a guitar and never put it down. Thank you for that. Happy Birthday.

Mark Nason
Bangor, Maine


No, that was some some fiddle player with a funky old car You're a young 75 with a chattering guitar Your tremendous talent has brought you the wealth Now kick back enjoy it and care for your health I don't have the computer for what i'd like to do I'd like to finger pick Happy Birthday to You

Johnny Pate
Jacksonville, Florida

Hey Chester!:

Thanks for being the #1 influence in my entire life. You've made it a good one. Tommy Jones says "Happy Birthday from Florida... Willie Strevel says "Happy Birthday" from Luttrell... and Lenny Breau says "Happy Birthday" from heaven. Thanks for being nice to all of us.

Edd Townsend
Baneberry, TN

Happy Birthday Chet,

When I first heard one of your recordings on the radio about 50 years ago, I was 13. In August 1952, my father took me to Nashville where we attended the Friday Night Frolic and saw you perform and met you, briefly. We saw you once again at the Opry the next evening. On both occasions we were stunned and amazed by your performance. I’m proud to admit I’ve been hooked ever since.

In the course of your long and distinguished career, you have earned a unique niche in the hearts of your fans and in the history of fingerstyle guitar, which no one else can ever occupy. But, I believe that your undeniable mastery of the guitar and the key role you played in raising the level of fingerstyle technique to dizzying new heights are only partially responsible for this. Other important factors are the warmth of your personality, your homespun humor, and refusal to take yourself too seriously. What really completes the package, is the helping hand you provided to fellow performers. Never seeming to be content with being a king yourself, you have contributed to the making of many kings. Anyone whose soul is touched by the unique voice of the guitar has benefited immensely from all your efforts. May God bless you.

Burt Zeldin

Hi Chet and the very best Happy Birthday greetings to the Big Daddy of all pickers. Darlene and I wish for you continued happiness and goodwill to the wonderful world you have made of the guitar. We love you and look forward to seeing you come July.

Bill Spann

Chet, have a great happy birthday and I hope many more. Wished I could see you play again.


Wishing you the best on your birthday, and wishing you well..You have been the most important person in my musical career. I have slept, ate and drank Chet Atkins music for many years..I am a music teacher and all my inspiration has come from you..Thank you for the most wonderful music in the world..I know without you I would be nothing..God Bless you Chet..

Love and Admiration,

Chuck Robbins
Uniontown, Pa



Happy birthday Chet From a fellow Ham radio operator And i hope you have many more.

Chuck Newlan........N0EZB

Happy Birthday Chet from a fellow guitar player and Gemini

Teddy Wojtkowski
Alexandria, VA

Hi Chet: I would like to wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday, from all 200 members of The Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists. We're playing your music and your style. We're writing about Fingerstyle, teaching Fingerstyle and trying to show the world what Fingerstyle Guitar is all about. We're extremely proud to have you as our teacher, mentor and friend. We wish you the biggest and greatest birthday ever and many, many more!!!

J.D. Roberts, President
The Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists

Dear Chet:

May God bless you and grant many more years and by the way have a happy Father's Day, too, which at least in Canada is also on June 20th this year!!

Larry Lynch
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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