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I’m one of the lucky ones that have been fortunate enough to meet Chet Atkins. He had finished a concert in the ballroom of the Music City Sheridan hotel and after resting a bit in an anti-room (which was his custom after he played a show there) began to receive his fans.

A crowd was beginning to form at the door so I quickly got in line with my camera at the ready. When the door finally opened, and the line advanced my heart began to pound. The long awaited moment was about to become a reality. And as I heard the sound of his voice I could hardly wait to get a view. I had been a fan since I was 18 yrs. old and had nearly worn his records out trying to learn what he was doing and where on the guitar neck he was doing it.

Suddenly, we were face to face and I was speechless for a moment, but somehow I managed to gush about how much his music had meant to me over the years. He was very gracious and shook my hand as I sat down beside him. With my arm around him like he was my old dad I gave my camera to the guy next in line and had him take two pictures. I will treasure them always and never forget that night.

- Woody Hill

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