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In 1974, John Knowles, Dick Roby and myself came to Nashville to visit with Chet about arrangements that John was helping Chet with when he was preparing to produce his "Chet Goes to the Movies" album. We met in his office down on Music Row at the RCA Building prior to going downstairs into the studio where he and fellow guitarist, Pete Wade, were working to put the finishing touches on a Hank Snow single. We spent the entire afternoon watching the two of them put a couple of guitar tracks on the completed recording and then went back up to his office for a rather lengthy visit. As usual, he was very polite and asked us a lot of questions and talked about John's work on the upcoming album. Not long after that visit, John moved to Nashville and as they say "the rest is history".

Needless to say that meeting was very special to me because I had watched Chet many times when he was doing the Festival of Music programs with Boots Randolph and Floyd Cramer, but was never able to get to meet the Man afterwards or before any of those performances. Since my involvement with CAAS however, it has been my pleasure many times to visit with Chet over lunch and at concerts and no one has been nicer to me, than he. One outstanding memory I will always cherish is when he played with the Dallas Symphony at the Mort Meyerson Center and in the middle of the concert he dedicated a song to me. Interestingly enough the song was the Entertainer, one of the numbers we talked with him about in 1974 while in his Nashville office.

Chet, you bless us all with your great music and your interest in all of us. Thank you.

- Bill Spann

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