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In the late 70's and early 80's, I was developing my engineering skills working with songwriters like Randy Goodrum. Randy and I got along great and 'connected' with musical tastes. Randy was also playing piano with Chet at the time. When Chet wanted to take a little different direction in his playing, and signed with a new label, Randy, knowing that I was an 'eagle ear' in all aspects of recording, suggested to Chet that I might be the person to help in that new direction. So, Chet called me for our first overdub session together on the last RCA album. So, I get to Chet's studio and he already has the tape threaded, mics set up, and ready to go. He was sitting in the control room with me so that we could talk and get the best performance. Everything well going well. I was blown away and having to pinch myself occasionally knowing that I'm recording the real Chet.

After about 30-40 minutes while working on a section, I notice something sounds wrong, and wonder if I should say anything. So, after a few minutes of contemplating, I figure I might as well jump in because it was bothering me. Even though Chet had perfect pitch, I felt compelled to say "Chet, I think your third string is a little sharp". He looked up over his glasses at me for a moment, then grabbed his tuner to check, and then said "Son-of-a-bitch, it is." I was relieved, he continued to call me, and from then on, Chet and hid wife Leona treated me like one of their own.

-Mike Poston

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