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In the early 90's I saw Chet in concert in Pasadena, California, at the Ambassador Theater. As usual, it was a great show. After the concert I was walking outside down a hallway and this door opened from backstage; I just happened to be standing right there and Mister Guitar himself walked out. I asked someone to snap a picture with my camera while Chet was standing next to me. I said "Chet, all my life I've wanted to meet you, and I've always had a secret desire to pick 'I'll see you in my dreams' with you." FLASH went the camera, and he was gone in the night.

Mysterious happenings took place. A year or two after that I was in Nashville in my car with Marcel Dadi as my passenger and, lo and behold, we stopped on 17th Avenue at that very famous mansion on the right hand side. We got out of the car, knocked on the door, and Clarissa said "Come on in guys." She hugged Marcel, shook my hand and said "Hi, Michael." She then went over to her desk, got on the phone, said something, and hung up. She said "Chet will be right down." My heart was pounding to the beat of "Yakety Axe." The door opened upstairs and Chet said "Come on up boys." Marcel and I spent the afternoon with Chet, and I had my one and only guitar lesson from Chet himself. Chet and Marcel reminisced about the good old days and then we left. I have never been the same.

- Michael O'Dorn

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