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The first time I met Chet he was in Toledo, Oh. with the symphony - March 1st 1986. I had contacted the P.R. man with the symphony and he fixed it for me to go backstage after the show. I was able to speak with Chet and take a couple of pictures.

When I came back out to my family in the lobby my oldest daughter said, "He looks like a kid on Christmas morning!" And I guess I did! I asked Chet why he was playing Gibson guitars and he informed me of the fires that had knocked Gretsch out of business for a while.

My greatest thrill was when Chet and the guys were flying in to South Bend airport for a concert at Elkhart, In. October '95. Another C.A.A.S. member and good friend of mine and Chet's, Bob Foster went to the airport to bring Chet back to Elkhart per George Lunn's previous instructions to Bob. It was a warm day and Bob's air conditioner went out as he was starting the car. So we ended up taking my car!

When we got back to the motel, Chet went in and checked out his room, deposited his stuff, came back out and as we were just outside by the pool, Chet said, "how about going to the lounge for a little refreshment?" Well! What do you think?!?!? My wife Shirley, Bob, Chet and I went down and sat there for about an hour just visiting and having a great thrill at the same time! Thank you Chet, Bob and especially George Lunn who has treated us just like family for all these years!

- Ron and Shirley Morningstar

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