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In 1979 I was writing in Nashville and Don Light allowed me to hang around his offices, using a spare room to write in. One day I just happened by and didn't have my guitar with me so I went to Don's office to get the old classical guitar that was always there. Don wasn't in his office but since I had been working on a new tune and was chomping at the bit to work on it I just sat down in a chair and started playing. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed this guy standing in the doorway looking kind of awkward, like he wanted to say something but didn't want to interrupt. He just stood there listening for about five minutes and when I finally came to a stop he said "That's some pretty stuff". About that time Don walked in and shook hands with 'The Man' and they left together to get some lunch. The secretary came in and asked me if I knew who that was. I didn't have a clue. She told me it was Chet Atkins and that was his guitar I was playing. She went on to explain that he and Don had lunch together often and he had left the guitar there to have something to do while waiting for Don to get freed up for lunch. I was on cloud nine. It was one of the highlights of my life! He didn't offer me a recording contract, but he didn't tell me to put down his guitar either. I was one giddy young turk!

- Doug Hendrix

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