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Back in 1986-88, I was a television producer who joined the staff of Chet's publicist, Susan Hackney and Associates. It was while working for Susan that I produced the Cinemax special entitled, "Chet Atkins and Friends" which had such guests as Mark Knopfler, Michael McDonald, Emmylou Harris, Waylon, Willie and the Everly Brothers. That has truly been my fondest memory in over twenty years of television production.

I have two memories of Chet.

One.. I accompanied Chet to a Celebrity Auction at Fan Fair. Obviously when we pulled up, many people recognized Chet and wanted to meet him, talk to him and get his autograph. As we were leaving, a woman approached Chet and I and asked him for his autograph. As he was signing, she eyed me and, of course, didn't recognize me from a hole in the ground. However, taking no chances, she handed me the pad and asked me "Are you anybody"? Never been asked that before, I had to be honest and told her no and gave her pad back. Interesting way to find out ones' place in the universe.

Second memory.. During one of the many meetings Susan and I had with Chet about the Cinemax show, we were talking about possible songs. Sitting in the back kitchen in his office, he wanted to play us something. With no advance warning, he played and sang "I Still Can't Say Goodbye". I must say it made me quite teary and he asked me if my father was still alive. He was and is but I must admit, the emotion of the song caught me by such surprise, I did have to think a minute about whether or not my dad was alive or not. That is a powerful moment.

Chet is quite the best.

-Bob Gordon

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