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So many years ago that I can't remember how many, Chet, Boots, and Floyd were doing their "Festival of Music" Tour. They eventually arrived at Dayton, Ohio where I reside. I made a serious effort to obtain front row seats, but didn't quite get that done. I had to be satisfied with seats about 10-15 rows back, which still wasn't too bad. At least I was there enjoying their wonderful music.

After the show, they all went downstairs to sign autographs for their fans. I definitely was one of those who waited whatever time it took for them to prepare themselves for that process. Finally, after about a 20 minute wait, the doors were opened for the fans to enter. There they were, all three of them, waiting patiently for their fans to file past. When I finally got to face Chet, it was awesome! There, directly in front of me, was the Man who was destined to become C.G.P. later in life! Man! What a memory. I'm getting "goose bumps" all over again thinking about it! This had to be in the late 60's or early 70's and I'll carry that memory with me to my grave.

Anyway, When I shook Chet's hand and told him how much influence he had on my playing, his reply was, "Well, bless you!". I also noticed how silky soft his hands were. For some reason, that memory sticks out in my mind, but then, when you do music for a living, the most manual labor you're probably going to do is with your instruments. Soft hands go along with that.

It might not seem to be much to the average guy, but when you stop to think about it, this person is a legend in his own lifetime and I had an opportunity to meet him in person! That means a great deal to me. Not everybody has had the chance to do that!

- David Denlinger

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