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I first met Mr Guitar in Nashville at RCA when I was a young songwriter from new York who wrote country songs. I basically just walked into the RCA building and asked the receptionist if I could see Mr Atkins.. at that moment he walked into the reception area and I asked him if he had time to hear some new material. He looked a little skeptical..I guess the New York accent through him..but he invited me into his office. I played several acetates for him...he looked up and said" "Art, you're a good writer you have a flair for lyric writing..I'm going to see if Skeeter Davis might want to hear them" I was on cloud nine..A month later Chet wrote me a nice personal note and returned the songs I had left with him. I finally did get those songs published and cut. But not at RCA. I found Chet to be very personable..unassuming and totally professional..and of course certainly one of the greatest players ever.

- Art Dellerson

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