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This brief telephone exchange took place in the late 1980's in Nashville. I was in town with copies of tapes of my then soon-to-be-completed album "Mississippi Maserati Breakdown". I was making the usual rejection- laden rounds on Music Row, when during one particular afternoon I'd decided to try to get an appointment with Chet Atkins. I'd called the phone number listed in the Local 257 Directory, and lo! and behold, HE actually answers the phone!!

I'd cordially introduced myself, and explained that I was in town going around with my tapes, and asked if I would be able to have an appointment with him. "Well, he said, I'm really not involved with that part of the business anymore, I'm now on Columbia and I'm not doing A&R or producing anyone else's records anymore other than my own. I'd gotten out of that part of the business a few years back." He went on; "I wish you the best in your career, but I'm afraid that I'm not able to help you" I thanked him just the same then added: "You know, I have a copy of your 78 record of "I May Be Colorblind, But I Know When I'm Blue". He responded with: "Oh? I didn't know that was still out..." I added: "You know, you were a pretty darn good singer--who knows how far you might've gone if you hadn't been sidetracked by that guitar!" He laughed, and I thanked him again. He was very pleasant to talk with.

- Bill Turner

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