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great guitar strings

Postby Joeb » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:24 am

Hi Job here. I just purchased a set of GHS 750 flat wound ultra light strings and I must say these string are the best I have used over the past 50 plus years of playing guitar Chet style. I was not a fan of flat wound strings until I bought these. They are nice and light and the best part they sound bright not dull like your normal flat wound strings. Also If you play finger style you going to love not hearing that annoying string noise you get on the standard wound strings. They don't sound like flat wound strings and the best part is they DON'T FEEL LIKE FLAT WOUND STRINGS.Try a set and if your an older person like me 70 years old you will like the ease of using these GHS 750 009. gage strings. I was so impressed with them I bought 6 more sets for my D'angelico and Joe pass guitar and my vintage 1959 Harmony h65 . Try them and see for yourself. Go on ebay I found them in a 6 packaged lot for 60 bucks that only comes out to 10 bucks a set. the first set cost me 15 bucks OUCH!. All the best Joeb
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