Vegetable Truck Crash and Monterey Jazz Festival

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Vegetable Truck Crash and Monterey Jazz Festival

Postby PaulBennett » Fri Aug 20, 2010 5:53 am

Labor Day our 50th wedding anniversary is upon us, under the old rules, my wife is female and I am male.
A few days later my mom in Monterey will turn 100, her best friend also 100 on the same day will be there.
We will also have a remembrance of my mom's mom (same birthday) who lived to 104. A nephew is turning 40 a few days earlier. So the clan will gather at the nursing home in Monterey.

Hearing about $250 day motel rooms, I quickly learn the Monterey Jazz Festival is the same weekend. The Jazz Festival is somewhat akin to activities at CAAS but 10X larger. I may be the only one in our clan who appreciates professional musicians playing any genere, but for me the proximity of the musical action is demanding, for me never to happen again. When the vegetable truck crashes, I'll make soup! - but need the recipe.

Question coming:
Some of you multifaceted musicians here have certainly participated in some fashion or other and I am hungry for attendance choices and general options or anything you recall. The county fairgrounds is extensive, this will be akin to an outdoor CAAS. Music everywhere and appropriate tickets needing prepurchase. Prepurchase requires some advice...days/times/areas/ground pass vs seats etc.
So, given a limited physical ability, what worked for you, what would you do over again?


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Re: Vegetable Truck Crash and Monterey Jazz Festival

Postby Gary Smith » Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:58 pm

Well Paul, congratulations are certainly in order, to you and to your Mother and her friend. Milestone like all those you mentioned are certainly hard come by, and deserving of recognition.

Give you Mom and your wife my congratulations and my wife and I wish them and you many more anniversaries and birthedays.

Gary Smith
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