Eddie Pennington's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" w/ .jpeg tab

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Eddie Pennington's "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" w/ .jpeg tab

Postby Jim Jarrell » Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:14 pm

One of my least favorite tunes of all time is "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." That is until I first heard Eddie Pennington play his *killer* arrangement at CAAS many years ago. For those who may not have heard it, here's Eddie's recorded version on his great CD, "Eddie Pennington Walks the Strings...and Even Sings"!


And note there are several videos on youtube of Eddie playing the tune.

To try and learn it and tab it out, Eddie graciously let me record him up close playing it at an exhibit table at CAAS in 2015 as seen here:


With that, I wrote out a handwritten tab and then converted it to an online tab program (which program long since forgotten). But a .jpeg of my tab is attached. And please, its for private use *only* and isn't of commercial quality anyway.

But warning, my tab is far from perfect. It's again, like most, "in the ballpark" but still out in the left field bleachers. In short, better than nothing and should get you headed towards first base.

A couple notes about the tab:
- m.12 The first note is a slide on 5th string from 7th fret up the neck to an open A.
- m.13 The fourth note is a handwritten change. First fret, 2nd string as part of a D7. Its *very* subtle, but he does play it albeit slightly muted in the progression

But again, typical of Eddie's playing, a terrific arrangement of an old standard. And an appropriate tune to play in these troubled times. And here's hoping the end of the rainbow shows up in 2021.

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