Al Petteway's "River" by Doug Young

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Al Petteway's "River" by Doug Young

Postby Jim Jarrell » Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:32 pm

Here's a video of a terrific take on an Al Petteway original tune, "River." The tune comes from Petteway's CD "The Waters and the Wild" from the mid-90s. The video is by fellow Tab Pig, Doug "Gig" Young, and is being played on a '26 Martin 000-18 that Doug recently bought from Petteway.

The tune is in the Mel Bay tab book "Al Petteway, The Waters and the Wild." But a tab for just the tune is available here at Petteway's website:

In Open G, what I find unique about the tune is that, from a "finger fretting" standpoint, the tune is exceptionally easy to play. In that, with a *lot* of open string notes, at no time do you ever have more than *two* notes fretted at the same time! Great slow and melodic tune for these....hmmm?...."troubled times."

And note that "Gig" Young, like Petteway, is a terrific player too. Out in the SF Bay area and a former CAAS attendee (with the other "pigs"), Doug is a Contributing Editor to Acoustic Guitar magazine and has several CDs and books out himself. See here and his other videos on youtube:

And while Doug is mostly known for his open tuning playing, especially in DADGAD (with a Mel Book out re.), Doug like most is also a big Chet fan and here's a video lesson he did 10 years ago for Acoustic Guitar magazine regarding playing Chet Atkins style:

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Re: Al Petteway's "River" by Doug Young

Postby R wood » Wed Oct 28, 2020 5:45 pm

Thanks for sharing that Jim. As you said, It was very easy to learn and a beautiful song

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