Steve Goodman guitarist & song writer

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Steve Goodman guitarist & song writer

Postby rhirvine » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:13 pm

A friend of mine told me about the late Steve Goodman and his great guitar playing. Among others, he wrote "The City of New Orleans" which Arlo Guthrie made a hit of way back when and it's been covered by Jerry Reed. I haven't watched the whole show as yet but really liked his opener, a rendition of "Is it true when you say I love you?" His playing reminds me of Tommy Emmanuel's single note playing. Maybe because they are both using a similar guitar. I doubt if any of Goodman's recordings made it down to Australia in the 1970s for Tommy to be inspired by. I had never heard of Goodman until just last week. Like Tommy E. he seemed to be an all around good entertainer.
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Re: Steve Goodman guitarist & song writer

Postby Doug Working » Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:37 pm

Wow! Blown away!! Thanks for this wonderful link!

New to me!

Now I have to ask myself, where have I been all these years???
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Re: Steve Goodman guitarist & song writer

Postby emjaybee94 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 12:43 pm

Arlo Guthrie related a story of how he first met Steve Goodman. At the end of one of Arlo's shows, Steve asked him if he would like to hear on of his(Steve's) songs. I think Arlo was pretty tired after the gig and wasn't really into listening, but Steve was insistant, so Arlo said "If you can play it while I have my coffee, I'll listen to it." Steve played him "City of New Orleans" and Arlo was knocked out by it. That song, recorded by Arlo, made Steve Goodman.

I play a version of C of N O on some of my gigs, based on Jerry's arrangement. Never heard Steve do it though. When I have a spare moment I look forward to listening to this video.

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